How to reverse every other word in the string

reverse_alternate("I am super happy today")
#return "I ma super yppah today"
reverse_alternate("I love code.")
#return "I evol code."
temp_array = string.split{|word,index| index.odd? ? word.reverse : word }.join(" ")
def reverse_alternate(string)
temp_arr = string.split{|word,index|
index.odd? ? word.reverse : word }.join(" ")
  1. String instance method .reverse (.reverse reverses the)
  2. Integer instance method .odd? (.odd? returns true if an integer is odd, return false if it’s even.)
  3. Array instance method .join (.join transform an array into a string.)
  4. .map.with_index(|item, index|) This chained enumerable helps us to manipulate index, item and collect them back as a new array.




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